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Invited Speaker to 'German Zoological Society'


On 24 September, Stefan Lötters will be speaking at the 105th annual meeting of the 'Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft' (DZG) in Konstanz on "Ecological niches in Amazonian amphibians: linking macroecology and evolution", following a kind invitation by the 'Fachgruppe Ökologie'. 


Taylor & Francis Prize 2011 to Lötters et al.


Our molecular phylogeny on the critically endangered harlequin frogs (Atelopus) published in the journal Systematics and Biodiversity No 9 / 2011, was awarded the 'outstanding paper of the year' by the publisher.

Lötters, S. et al. (2011): Assessing the molecular phylogeny of a near extinct group of vertebrates: the Neotropical harlequin frogs (Bufonidae; Atelopus). — Systematics and Biodiversity, 9: 45-57.